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The Lord Nelson

1 Hale RoadBradenhamThetfordNorfolkIP25 7RA
Categories: Public Houses, Bars & Inns
3.4 / 10 (based on 8 ratings)
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The owners say:

The Lord Nelson, Bradenham has just reopened after a 15 month renovation project by its new owners. The Lord Nelson now comprises of a much wider array of facilities and offers a wide selections of ales, lagers, wines, Coffees, Teas and much more.

The Lord Nelson comprises of:

The Lord Nelson Coffee House and Tea Room by day


The Lord Nelson Ale House and Restaurant by Night

The Lord Nelson also offers a large number of other facilities including a shop, Take away, Home Delivery Service, Veg Box Scheme, Drop Point services and much more.
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11:57 AM 04-11-2012
Andrew. The comments you continue to post under the aliases including 'cameheretosay', 'suesmith', 'EDPNews', 'thetfordrovers', 'reviewsrus' etc. are causing the owners of the Lord Nelson 'ALARM', in that your malicious comments could affect our livelihood, 'DISTRESS', that your grievance with us could affect the way our regulars and potential new customers view the pub, and are definitely making us all feel 'HARASSED'. This could constitute a Criminal Offence under the Public Order Act.
I formally request that you cease making these malicious postings. Any continuation will lead to me making a formal complaint of Harassment to the Norfolk Constabulary.
You are welcome to return to the Pub.
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2:33 PM 19-10-2012
Needs a lot of work
  1 / 10
i have to say the reviews here are spot on. this is definitly not somewhere id take family or freinds that i liked but maybe id take enemies here and leave them at the bar for 5 mins talking to the awful people that work there!!!
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11:00 AM 19-10-2012
Weirdest Drink Of My Life
  1 / 10
Stopped by for a quick toilet break and coffee whilst driving through the local area. Which I'd read these reviews before going in... it was like an episode of the twilight zone. The owners practically forced me to buy a drink after politely asking just to use their bathroom - Accusing me of "taking advantage of their facilities" and saying "You used it, you pay for it".

They then tried the "hard-sell" on me - trying to convince me to buy some weird "home-made shot" because I said I was in a hurry. They wouldn't even relent when I told them I couldn't drink something alcoholic because I was driving ... the younger bloke just tapped his nose and said "I won't tell if you won't!"

Ended up getting a coffee so they'd leave me alone - and that still wasn't the end of it! Took them over 10 minutes to make it, and then they tried to convince me to get one of their home-made cakes.

Couldn't get out of there fast enough. Very weird place, very weird people.
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10:52 AM 19-10-2012
  1 / 10
Given the hype surrounding the opening of this pub - along with the grandiose descriptions on it's website... I was disappointed to find it lacking in almost every respect. What it desperately needs are trained staff, a kitchen or the ability to provide food, a few decorative touches (there are no pictures on the walls, no rugs/carpets, nothing on the tables, no interior decor to speak of). There's quite an awkward vibe to the place, as it's frequently empty, with only the patrons and their friends utilising the bar facilities. When I walked in, I felt rather unwelcome, as if I was trespassing into someones living room - though that didn't stop the older lady at the bar continuing to air her dirty laundry loudly for anyone to hear!

Can someone also give the staff some lessons in social skills? I kept being invited to "Play games" with the landlord, when frankly, all I wanted to do was sit and enjoy my drink and watch the football - (as an aside, this idea was ruined by the lack of TV facilities). They just wouldn't take the hint and leave me alone!

All in all, quite a bizarre experience. Reminds me of Fawlty Towers, only it's much much worse - and the staff/owners are far less professional.
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10:00 AM 19-10-2012
Terrible, Terrible, Terrible
  1 / 10
The positive reviews on here are clearly from friends/the owners themselves, because no-one in their right mind would recommend this place. It's literally the worst Pub I've ever had the misfortune of wandering into.

You'll be forgiven for not even realising it is a pub/restaurant - from the outside, inside and "staff" you'd think it was just a bunch of alcoholics with an open house. Whichever of them thought it was a good idea to buy and open this place must have been on drugs. They clearly have no idea what they're doing.
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