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The Granary

Church House FarmCollingtonBromyardHerefordshireHR7 4NA
Categories: British Restaurants
4 / 10 (based on 3 ratings)
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5:03 PM 17-05-2011
5:04 PM 17-05-2011
  1 / 10
Further to my apprasal below, I'd just like to point out that the food images Paul and Margaret are passing off as their own, seen on the bottom of their website page - - are stock images! Believe me, if the food they served looked anything like these pictures, my review might have been a hell of a lot different! 1/10
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2:20 PM 26-04-2011
2:34 PM 26-04-2011
Terrible Place
  1 / 10
Oh my god, I can't believe the positive comments posted below. We also tried The Granary and absolutley agree about the tired 70s decor and the pretentious menu (frogs legs I ask you!).

SILVER SERVICE? Don't make me laugh. Gordon Ramsay would have an absolute field day here! The bottom line is, Paul & Margaret are simply amateurs.

Most of these positive reviews I can imagine have been written by the usual demographic found in the restaurant - tired old folk with very low expectations in life.

As the one review says below, you'd be better off at a 2 for £10 pub. At least you'd know what you are getting.

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9:28 PM 17-10-2010
  10 / 10
We have just enjoyed a warm welcome and a very nice Sunday lunch in the most perfect of surroundings. There is always a very warm welcome as you enter the bar which is a cosy and comfortable room to sit and enjoy pre dinner drinks and study the menu. Once you have chosen from a nice varied menu it is not to long before you are shown upstairs to your table in the dinning room. Your choosen food is then served by courteous silver service staff who are again very friendly. We have never been disappointed with the standard of food and I have to say it is the only place where the veg are fresh and cooked to perfection which for me is the make or break of my meal. Nothing seems to much trouble to the staff if you should require more drinks or water it is instantly attended to.
We also have to say that we have never been there when there isn' more or less a full house . So well done to the cook, barman, front of house crew it is a wonderful family run restraunt serving lovely traditional food so please keep going
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9:28 PM 17-10-2010
Great Food, Great Service & Great Staff
We have been visiting the Granery, Collington for the past two years, when Paul & Margaret took it back from the people who had leased it from them for approx 5 years, and have to admit I am a stickler for service and detail of which the Granery comes out on top on all counts. June 20th 2009 we held our Golden Wedding there even using the accomodation available to put some of our guest's up and yes we had comments fed back to us which were passed on to Paul & Margaret and these were, "SUPERB THEY COULDN'T DO ENOUGH FOR US" the accomodation was clean, comfortable and the breakfast fantastic.

Having read other comments saying it was awfull I certainly wouldn't have been going there for 10 years then complained, in my book 1 bad experience makes me keep away and not keep going back over a ten year period.

Paul & Margaret are superb Host & Hostess along with their Daugher, who is the chef,

As for the condesation we spent New Years Eve with them and there was no condensation whatso ever and the heating was superb as was the the meal etc.

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4:35 PM 27-09-2010
appalling decor, food bad to average
  1 / 10

My husband and I visited The Granary ‚??Restaurant‚?? several times over the last 10 years and in this modern age of affordable gastro cuisine, we have to admit this place is truly awful, and has not improved during that time.

For example, on a previous visit, several years ago, we had to keep our coats on throughout the meal because it was so cold. There was condensation, on the inside of the windows, the tables and chairs. Apparently being run at that time by the staff as new owners.

When we asked why, we were told 'well I put the heating on hours ago', in a tone that almost said ‚??nothing to do with me!‚??. The food was so bad that it isn‚??t worth a comment (except to say that I don't think Raymond Blanc's Tarte Tatin needs a steak knife to saw through it...)

Anyway, having been assured (persuaded) that The Granary was now back in the hands of the original husband and wife combo, who were much better, we dared to visited the place one last time.

First impressions of The Granary, is the décor. The last time we saw so much red velour was in a 70s sketch show reminiscent of Faulty Towers. And why anyone would nail plates to the wall is anyone‚??s guess?

Worse still, the downstairs lounge bar had had a strong smell of staleness and damp, probably because the double glazing windows looked like they hadn‚??t been replaced since 1985.

Choosing drinks carefully, I had soda water, which sadly isn't on tap and because it came out of one of those 70's soda stream bottles, was flat and quite frankly undrinkable.

Whilst the waitress staff are friendly to a point, try not to ask ‚??the wife‚?? for drinks after you‚??ve been seated. She‚??ll take your order, but only begrudgingly and will try and get away before anyone else can ask for a top up.

Anyone risking the frogs legs or escargot as a starter must be very brave. For the level of food served here, these seem over sophisticated, especially as I wouldn‚??t credit the person cooking the meals as a chef. ‚??Pretentious‚?? is the word here.

Don‚??t order anything with avocado in either. You won‚??t get it because you‚??ll be told the avocado was ‚??is unripe‚?? and ‚??that‚??s why no one else does it‚??. Well why bother adding it to the menu then?

The food in general I would describe as average to poor. The vegetables were clearly a bulk frozen buy which meant that after cooking, were soggy and boiled to within an inch of their lives. And mysteriously there was a stodgy cheese sauce (probably out of a packet) that seemed to come with most dishes, and also on some of the vegetables.

Don‚??t ask for any other sauce with your steak other than peppercorn because you‚??ll only ever get peppercorn. It would also be great if the cook knew the difference between medium and well done.

The atmosphere is distinctly odd, like being sat in someone‚??s living room with 5 other strangers and feeling like you have to be polite about the food so as not to offend the host ‚?? the wife.

The food is quite cheap (£12 for a rib eye steak). But take it from me, that‚??s more of a warning sign.

On a serious note, ‚??restaurants‚?? like this really need a kick up the backside and it drives me mad that they have the nerve to take people‚??s money. The Granary needs a major refurbishment, some cooking lessons for the chef (sorry, cook) and a menu update ‚?? very soon!

As for the good reviews on this site, I suspect they‚??ve been added by friends or family of the proprietors. They have to be. No one in their right minds would happily pay good money for food like this!

As an alternative, I would recommend visiting one of the many ‚??2 for a tenner‚?? establishments. And if you meal is no good, you don‚??t feel guilty for sending it back.

I for one will not be wasting my time or money on this dire place in the countryside/back end of nowhere, ever again.
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