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Torrs Warren Hotel  

Greyhill RoadStoneykirkStranraerWigtownshireDG9 9DH
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2 / 10 (based on 1 rating)
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This quiet country house hotel is set in the south west of Scotland, in The Rhins area of Stranraer, specialising in good Scottish food and service. (from
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10:06 PM 15-10-2011
10:42 PM 15-10-2011
Faulty Towers Prison camp
  2 / 10
Ive read a fair few a good reviews on this place & i cant help think did we go to the same place ? Ive seen a few refer to it as Faulty Towers and that sums it up to a tee.

I arrived just after seven in the evening after a long journey i just wanted to have a shower, chill out have a nice meal & a few drinks but not what happened.

I literally walked in through the door and was greeted by Basil Faulty he insisted i sign in immediatlly, went up to show me the room & where everything was and informed me that i should go straight downstairs otherwise i will miss out on the chance of a meal and that everyone else is dining so i had better hurry up.

So i said i need a shower first then i will be down to order.

Got downstairs after a quick shower & a change of clothes only to find all front of house staff had vanished (all 2 of them), people seated told me to ring the handbell that was on the bar & they will arrive, And sure enough the did not long after.

Said to the guy right id love a drink as its been a long day ill have a pint of Belhaven it looked quite appealling how wrong i was having brewed beer before i know a decent pint for a rubbish one, It was cloudy and a slight vingegar taste to it, So i informed him of this & exchanged it for a Tennants not my first choice but better than nothing !!

Ok so to order i went for the succulent chicken, Nothing succulent about it, I think arid chicken would have been a more suitable title.

Now i took a picture of that part of the menu to proove the difference as to what you get on the plate & the description.

It states: A whole succulent chicken breast served with mushrooms onion rings & tomatoes, Now there was nothing about the chicken was succulent it was dry now i know why they offered me some gravy to have with it, The only good thing was it arrived with a basket of french fries but anyone can manage to cook chips nothing diffucult about that, But to pay £8.95 for what i had is well overpriced.

As for a whole chicken breast there was about 5 strips of chicken on my plate & the mushrooms were certinally cooked thats for sure i dont remember the last time i ate such a poor quality meal i feel ripped off !!

Now onto the room, As described by a few others, lumpy bed which was proped up by wooden blocks underneath, dated decor throughout no atmosphere silly little paper signs everywhere telling you what to do, Or dont do.

It was described as a power shower, Well ive used a proper power shower before & there's a big difference the only power i think was the electric as for the flow of water coming from the shower head well not much can be said about that.

After my meal i though id go to my room & check my emails so i obtained the wifi code & did just that it was just before 9pm when i finished looking on the internet, i thought i might go back downstairs chill out with a few drinks & see if the Belhaven had improved & much to my suprise the place was in darkness would you believe it ??

With this i went back up to my room grabbed my keys & went to get some beers i had saved to bring back with me so glad i did as Torrs warren had nothing to offer me not sure i'd want anything anway but would have been nice to have the choice, Plus they are loosing money but doing this it doesnt make good business sense !!

Breakfast was ok i had a full english it was average nothing to write home about, the tost arrived but there was only a choice of jams & marmalade but not for me some marmite might have been an idea to cater for all tastes but it wasnt to be, There was a choice of ceral and fruit also, But i didnt even give it a look so i cannot comment on that to be fair.

I found Torrs warren on a website advertised at starting from £38.00 per room, i mentioned this after being told they started at £48.00 they begrudgingly did it for the advertised price but clearly werent happy about it, But im glad i paid less that's for sure.

In summary not what i expected from the pictures on line & what id envisaged thought id got a real bargain & looked forward to it, Reality was i was dissapointed i would not go back again i didnt feel welcome, it wasnt a relaxing stay & if in the area again i would go elsewhere.

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