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The Red Lion

The Street

 01440 766971

Category: Public Houses, Bars & Inns

Average Rating:
4.3 / 10 (based on 3 ratings)
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Comments and Reviews
Staff That Really Couldn't Care, Poor Food & Overpriced!
  1 / 10
Having been a regular at the Red Lion prior to the Restaurant closing, I decided to return and try out the latest offerings from the new management, which I believe came into effect June/July 2010.

Unfortunately, this was far from a pleasant experience.

Having arrived at the pub, we decided on drinks and sat down to choose what we wanted to eat. Prices here are high, even for a village pub. You're looking at around £9-£12 for a main meal, £3.50-£4.50 for a starter.

Having read the literature around the place, they market themselves as "a friendly pub & restaurant" offering a "tempting menu of freshly prepared, home cooked lunches and evening meals".

Now when they say this, it gives you the impression of completely made on the premises, fresh food. This doesn't seem to actually be the case.

Brie and Cranberry starter, around £3.50, was poorly prepared and undercooked. The breaded Brie is quite obviously bought it, and frozen. Towards the end of our meals, I found 2 hairs in the food. When the waitress came to collect the meals, she asked if everything was okay, I mentioned I was not happy because of my findings - yet voluntarily - nothing was said by the staff on this matter throughout the course of the meal.

Moving on to mains, we decided on the Hunters Chicken £9.25 and Lasagne (around £8.25). Our meals came out, with overcooked chips, lasagne that was far from fresh and certainly didn't taste up to the cost of £8.25. Hunters Chicken equally disappointing, having only been able to stomach the chicken, leaving the remainder of the meal.

Going to pay for the meal, the lady behind the counter began to work out the price. I told them I would not be prepared to pay for the starter that had had the hair in. She then proceeded to tell me "It was fluff". From my point of view, I couldn't have cared what it was, it simply should not have been in my food. She then went on to say that as I had eaten a majority of my food, then they weren't really prepared to refund it!

After a further 10 minutes of arguments about this starter, she continued to say "we're not a professional restaurant" and "you're expecting silver service" - in a very confrontational manner.

Needless to say, we were not going to stay for desserts.

For a first visit, this was an extremely appalling way to be treated and shall definitely not be visiting again, nor would I recommend to anyone to do so. They are rude, obnoxious, unable to take criticisms, and cook poor meals, for an extortionate price. Don't waste your time, or your money here.
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avatar Posted by at 5:09 PM on Saturday, 13th November, 2010
Fantastic Pub/Brilliant Food!
  10 / 10
I must say I have to sourly disagree with the below comment. I am a regular at this pub; I go there nearly every lunchtime from work (work just around the corner). The food is FANTASTIC! I have never eaten food that reminds me of what good old fashioned British pub food is, Chunky chips and bacon baguettes! All of which taste brilliant! The chips were â??the perfect chipsâ? and the baguette was delicious (big well done to the kitchen staff). And as for the staff, serving and bar, I have not one complaint. They are all the nicest well mannered charismatic people I have seen in a restaurant, they really make the dining experience that bit more enjoyable. I ALWAYS highly recommended the Red Lion to anyone, even when we get customers in from overseas or out of this area, I send them there and they always say how much they enjoyed it! So for anyone who feels put off by the below comment, please go there and see that it is not true! That it is a excellent British Pub!
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avatar Posted by at 11:50 AM on Tuesday, 29th September, 2009 (Updated on 29th September 2009)
Standard of food very poor! It is not cheap!
  2 / 10
Have visited The Red Lion on a number of occasions before and have never been disappointed, but have to say I was last night, and will not be rushing back.
Had fajitas, which I have had before, only this time the chicken was swimming in a dish of oil. Very greasy to eat. When complained was told that no oil is used, only lager. When I showed her the dish of oil and my serviette covered in grease, she went to the kitchen & explained that yes they do put butter into the dish.
Clearly too much! She was 'sorry if I thought it was too much' but clearly not really bothered. If she had been then a small gesture such as a complimentary drink or desert would have gone a long way towards making amends.
Not so much the food, as we all make mistakes in the kitchen, but more the attitude of the staff will mean that I won't be the regular customer I was, and will stop recommending The Red Lion to family and friends.
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avatar Posted by at 9:25 AM on Friday, 29th August, 2008
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