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The Grange Livery Stables

17 Station Road

 07810 868499
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Category: Riding Schools, Stables and Equestrian Centres

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7.2 / 10 (based on 6 ratings)
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Comments and Reviews
General observation
I am one of the new additions to The Grange, and as such, I donâ??t have all the historical facts as there are ALWAYS two sides to any storyâ?¦

All horse owner (be it at the Grange or anywhwere else) pay a substantial amount of money for this privilege. We as horse owners do it because of a passion for these animal and it seems that â??yard politicsâ? seem to overshadow this fact. This unfortunately is the case on most yards, therefore, The Grange is not uniqueâ?¦However, every single person on the yard is there because of a love for horses. I donâ??t understand how when people are drawn together on such a powerful emotion, there can be such trivial pettiness.

I think that despite what has or has not happened in the past, WE ALL need to bury the hatchet and WE ALL need to endeavour to maintain a certain level of common courtesy and politeness.

Everyone on the yard can only be responsible for their OWN actionsâ?¦As civil human beings, we are all to show each other tolerance and kindness despite difficult situations that may arise. If we ALL did this, I believe there would be a huge improvement in a very short time!

(p.s. Hope this doesnâ??t sound too â??tree huggingâ?ï?)

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avatar Posted by at 11:21 AM on Tuesday, 25th January, 2011
An honest and objective review
  3 / 10
Before I start this post I shall preface by saying that I am remaining factual and do not intend to get drawn into the apparent slanging match that is going on in what appears to be the yardâ??s own personal notice board. I have also fed back my comments directly to the owners.

I feel I need to put the record straight having read these reviews, as the impression that may be formed is largely misleading. I chose to move to The Grange last summer as I needed a yard convenient to my home, rather than the 40 mile round trip I was enduring at the time. I also wanted to put my horse onto DIY livery, but have the option of services as and when I required enabling me to accommodate my varying work hours. This yard offered me these options.

The owners were very accommodating and were able to provide the services I required, turn out, bring in and muck outs even at short notice, which I was grateful for.

Unfortunately though, while these jobs were done, they werenâ??t always done to the same standard that one would expect when paying for a service. For example, beds were left very shallow and not particularly clean, despite requests to keep a nice deep bed, and a bring-in didnâ??t always follow with a hoof picking. But most importantly one morning a turn out didnâ??t happen despite my having made the request the day before in the yard log book. I arrived at the yard at 3pm in the afternoon to find my horse eating his own soiled bedding. He had gone without food since the evening before and the yard owners had failed to recognize this being out of the ordinary despite the fact that he went out every day. If he had been tucked away in a quiet corner of the yard I might have been more understanding, but his stable was in the same block as the ownersâ?? ponies, the same block that they needed at the time to walk through from their caravan and right by the entrance. At this time my confidence in the yardâ??s abilities started to waiver.

I was then advised that my horse had played up whilst being turned out and had been taught a lesson by putting his lead rope through his mouth and being led again and again through the field entrance until he calmed down. I was shocked and upset by this. My horse once had his
leg caught in an electric fence opening, and can be jumpy, but when handled in a confident (and not bullying or abusive) manner is easy to lead and work with. I have since learnt that the yard owners arenâ??t confident around horses. They have fell ponies, and despite offering a service of exercising a liveryâ??s horse for them, wouldnâ??t get on my horse when asked. Heâ??s only 16hh and doesnâ??t have a malicious bone in his body.

During the freezing cold spell the yard experienced the same difficulties that all yards would, but the manner in which they were handled was, sadly, vastly different. The yard was gritted but at the expense of one of the liveries and a small number of others that contributed, and there was no offer from the owners to grit or help towards the costs. We then had to make do with spreading muck as path ways to enable us to move our horses around safely. Yes, we were lucky to still be able to turn out but that was obviously at our own risk to our horses, with no help from the yard owners. Water was obviously frozen and we suffered a burst pipe to one of the troughs in the fields. This has been fixed, but for some reason the supply to mine and the adjoining field hasnâ??t been restored meaning endless trips with water to fill, and there doesnâ??t appear to be any plan in place to rectify this. Additionally during this time it was observed that a livery pony had been turned out by the yard owners by chasing it from its stable, across the frozen yard to its field, slipping and sliding all the way. I am so grateful it wasnâ??t my horse that was handled in this manner.

I have also seen instances of horses being shooed away from the stable doors to enable the owners to pass by, sometimes by hand movements, sometimes by the use of a lead rope or whip. This is unnecessary and I have noted my horse has become sensitive to sudden movements when by his stable door. When I presented his spoon to lick having just made his feed, he flinched away violently. This is certainly not normal behaviour for him, and I am upset to think that someone may have caused him to act in this manner.

Now to the comments that have been made on this thread.

Firstly, the comments posted by Lin should be read with care. Lin is now co-owner of the yard along with her husband. This review was penned when she was in negotiations to enter into the business. An impartial reviewâ?¦maybe not.

Debbie, the people I think you are referring to did want to take the yard on, but the leasing costs were ridiculous. Probably one of the reasons the current owners are finding times difficult and have had to seek help from additional business partners. Having spent a great deal of time with these â??peopleâ?? they only want the best for their horses and certainly arenâ??t the type of people you would want to get rid of on a yard. They are hard working, trustworthy equestrians, who will help you and advise you.

Guess_Who22 â?¦ why are you being so coy? The best of any DIY yards? The Grange offers both full and part livery services, although they donâ??t currently seem to have secured any of these, and my experience of the assisted services didnâ??t lead me to believe I could happily leave my horse in the care of this yard. With regards to the caring greatly for the animals, surely leaving one in all day without food and having fell ponies turned out in the heat of summer without water doesn't constitute caring? Paying upfront for bedding and fodder is fine, providing the items are in stock. With regards to cost, it is actually cheaper to buy in your own. I had to purchase a bale of haylage as there wasnâ??t sufficient in stock over Christmas and from the same supplier I managed to secure a single bale for £5 less than charged by the yard.

From Rebekah, I agree with the comments on the arena being well maintained.

Lou, you are a lovely rider, but the new pony you bought was conveniently one of the owners' fell ponies and I believe you were poorly advised as the pony is clearly too small for you.

In summary, far too much emphasis seems to be being put on having a clean yard. I agree with keeping everywhere tidy for the safety of the horses and people, but this seems to be the main focus to the exclusion of what really matters on a yard â?? namely, the horses. What about their welfare?

When I arrived last summer the yard was friendly and welcoming. It has changed and sadly not for the better and seems to have got worse since the needless banning of a well respected teacher and rider, and the loss of a couple of lovely liveries due to the change in atmosphere.

Finally, in order to run a business I believe you should remain professional at all times. Walking round the yard swigging lager early in the evening, or referring in conversations to other liveries as â??bitchesâ??â?¦ professional? Not in my book.

It is also worth reminding the owners that the equestrian world is a small one. This yard is gaining a certain reputation in the horse community, and not for the right reasons. You have a lovely location and the makings of a wonderful yard. Please use these comments as constructive criticism.

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avatar Posted by at 10:13 PM on Saturday, 22nd January, 2011 (Updated on 22nd January 2011)
Here..hotbabe69...women-up and make yourself known or talk to the guys at the yard and dont hide behind user for a looked in the mirror?
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avatar Posted by at 4:13 PM on Tuesday, 18th January, 2011
The Grange
Both I & my daughter have both been made very welcome on The Grange yard. The yard owners had a lot of understanding and patience and helped to get our horse settled into the new environment. The yard tenants & clients work hard to keep everywhere tidy and safe for both horse & rider. All animals both big and small, dog or horse are treated well and people are acknowledged politely at all times.
It appears to me that having taken over a yard that is already established both Tenants have had their work cut out. A small number of clients that were already established on the yard obviously feel that the yard was theirs to run as they wish, the one thing I have learnt about yards is they all have one or more of this type of person. The people in question who have stooped low enough as to try and slander the present Tenants. If these people felt so strongly about being able to run this yard as to their liking they should have taken on the yard lease themselves but I can probably guarantee it would turn out to be one of them quick turnover client yards.
Slandering peopleâ??s reputations without proof is malicious and even more so cowardly if you are not willing to put your name to these statements you have made.
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avatar Posted by at 7:24 PM on Wednesday, 12th January, 2011
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avatar Posted by at 6:47 PM on Wednesday, 12th January, 2011
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