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Plas Pant Eidal Holiday Village

Plas PanteidalAberdoveyGwyneddLL35 0RF
Categories: Holiday Camps and Holiday Centres
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3:04 PM 05-09-2013
Not Dog Friendly No Facilities for them
Not Dog friendly no facilities for them! No open area for them to relieve themselves, lots of sheep and cats.
I am speaking of the chalets that are rented out here under holidays aberdovey Independent Holidays

Terrible steep pot holed track, and this track is the only place you can walk your dogs there is a little bit of grass by the side, this track is also shared by the numerous ?Sheep? walking along the ?Track? and the 26 cats that live on the upper levels, and children as this also is the only place for them to play. The woodland above is fenced and the tiny accessible area is to steep to walk your dogs in, whilst you can take your dogs here, there are no open spaces for them to relieve themselves only the pot holed track. Have fun telling your dogs they must not show interest in the sheep or cats! Along the track. Buy some winter tyres and be prepared to buy your vehicle a new clutch when you get home. Chalet no 5 does not have an estuary view there is a nice pebbled brick wall you can look at. This was the worst experience booked for 2 nights could not wait to get out of there after suffering one night, and wished I had left instantly, beware of the 2 E coli outbreaks they have had in the water. No doubt the owner will reply but trust me this is not a ?Dog Friendly? place to go! Its an awful place to go there are far better in the actual town of Aberdovey to stay at, see you tube video clip Not dog friendly at Plas Panteidal
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6:49 PM 31-08-2011
Unfair Comments and Reviews
Please note that it is unfair to portray Plas Panteidal as per these comments, Plas Panteidal consists of Private Residential chalets and Holiday Bungalows Chalets are rented out by their owners and are nothing to do with Plas Panteidal Holidays. Plas Panteidal Holidays have 2 Bedroom new Holiday Bungalows and 1 Chalet. The numbers mentioned on the reviews do not belong to ourselves. If clients have a problem we encourage them to contact us in the first instance to sort out what their problems maybe. It is unfair to show one sided reviews and untruths.For anybody who requires further information about Plas Panteidal Holidays please contact us in the first instance.
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12:21 AM 25-08-2011
Most horrible place and obnoxious people
if only we had read these reviews before we left for our holiday in CHALET B!! we had book a weeks holiday for my Farther's 60th birthday for what was meant to be a nice relaxing week....... how wrong we were!! After a 2 and 1/2 hour drive we were first met by the most ridiculously steep and un- maintained (deep pot hole after deep pot hole)drive way. Once we found our chalet we were a little disappointed as from the outside it looked a bit of a dump!...... then we had the sheer delight of the man that owned it (i think Not!!) he did nothing but bombard us with all the negatives and moaned about previous guests who had stayed, and that was before we had even stepped through the door! He then told us that the water was undrinkable but was ok to wash in and ok if you boiled the water...... no mention of e-coli! he then handed us over a 2 ltr bottle of water and off he went. As you opened the door our disappointment was written all over our faces it smelt damp but we decided to make the most of it. The chalet was tidy but very very dirty and ended up costing us lots of money in bottled water. The walls in the toilet were disgusting and once we realized then what a dirty shit hole we were stopping in we found out some of the pillow had mold spots on them and the fire extinguisher had not been tested since 2003! When we were due to leave my other half spoke to the own about the problems we had and that we would like some money back, things got heated and we had major sob stories about everything going on with his life. we now await our refund but to anyone thinking of stopping there DONT!! its only saving grace is how close it is to Aberdovey!!
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5:39 PM 15-08-2011
I agree with all thats been said. I wasnt aware that there was even a possibilty of brown water when I booked this holiday this wasnt mentioned until after I paid in full. However on arrival the water was deemed unuseable (notice left).I have a medical condition which does cause open wounds and even with brown treated water I would never have booked had I known. As well as the access road issues and dirty linen (we went out and bought a duvet)on arrival the place was saturated with what smelt like fabric freshner. Everything we had stunk of it. But there was an underlying smell we couldnt identify due to this perfume. By day 3 the bungalow was flooded with gas!!!! We were moved after I said we couldnt stay here (I had a little hamster with me..poor thing). I was met with negativity when I complained as well. The last e-mail I wrote I received a response that my e-mails were no longer going to be replied to so I have written a letter. I didnt know until 5.8.11 that they had an e-coli issue (did an internet search)if the water treatment plant hasnt been in working order since then this should be on their web site. Never had such an exhausting (driving about trying to buy things to resolve the issues as we are not ones to complain) and stressful holiday thats before we get to the "gas issues".
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11:59 AM 13-08-2011
  1 / 10
(RE: Chalet B - Owners Chalet 59) 0 star from us too!!!!!!
I'm afraid I agree with maggie and william. This I'm afraid may be a story and a half but feel it needs to be told! This was absolutely the worst place I have ever stayed in, after only lasting one night I will not forget the totally appalling conditions to which me and my family found. This was by no means idyllic, relaxing or CLEAN ( which should come as standard! ) To my mom and dads huge disappointment on arrival, they spent 3 hours trying to clean and at least make most of what they had as this was our only holiday for this year which my mom had saved hard for. This holiday was original booked for my mom to bring her elderly mother away for a break who sadly passed away a couple of months back. I am so glad she never had to bring her here as this was unsuitable for us let alone my nan. So my mom asked me, my sister and our husbands and my sisters 11 month old baby to come. Well when me and my husband arrived, we first noticed the bad condition of the road to drive up and then were shocked to find what we did at the chalet and what my mom and dad had had to do, worried and embarrassed to what they had brought us to. (By no means their fault!) My parents aren't one to complain but the look of how upset my mom was, was not going to let her stay for the week as originally booked. We seemed to have one of the shacks up at the back, with the only view of another shack in front. The stench hit you every time you walked in the cabin, which was a mix of damp, dogs, cigarettes and down right fust (if thats a word!) The smell that lingered on our clothes and bedding that we had to keep separate from everything the rest of the week. The cabin was covered in huge cobwebs and not just surface dirt but ground in left for months dirt. Beds had mould and cobwebs on. Was as if no-one had stayed there for a long time. I've seen better caravans, even my dads old shed is better!!! Then we found that the water was totally undrinkable, you can't brush your teeth with it or shower in it if you have open wounds. Which made us question why, apparently it comes from the hills and was found to have E-coli in. We were trying to work out what to do, as late in the day, so we told my sister and husband to hold off coming as it was totally unacceptable for a baby, stayed the night to decide in morning (not pleasant). We knew we wouldn't get our deposit back but with the standards and the fact that the owners hadn't pre-warned us about the water, we thought the owners could offer something so we could find something else suitable. Well the response we got from the owners was astounding! We was met with aggression, anger, and down right rudeness. He was shouting at my parents which was awful to see as they are lovely people and then at us. With the uncontrollable aggression and refusal of any refund we had to pack our things as quick as we could and get out. We spent most of sunday 30th trying to find alternative accommodation half expecting to go home, with luckily my lovely friend catherine and her super husband who were on their own holiday trying to help and a lovely lady Sue whose number we got from the Tourist Information Centre (Thank you so much!!) Luckily we got a lovely place opposite to sea. (only unfortunate thing was we had to fork out money we didn't have to stay somewhere else.) But was worth it for such a lovely long awaited holiday in the end. We have recently tried to contact the owners who was still aggressive on the phone and slammed the phone down on my dad! We are trying to take matters further as we have been advised to take it trading standards. I hope this prevents anyone else form having such an unpleasant, to put it mildly, experience!
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