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1:57 AM 09-03-2017
Brilliant place for LOCALS!!!!!!!
  10 / 10
Rock Social Club Hater.... Do one and Bloody go home. We live here all year and the club is a Fantastic place for ALL THE LOCALS. Obviously being a HOLIDAY maker you prefer a quiet life... so go back to where you come from and live your quiet little life. We only have this small community where we all gather on a daily basis. You obviously come here for a HOLIDAY and probably came when there was a SOCIAL Event . We all live and breath likewise and the club is NOT full of kids or teenagers and we have a normal quiet night in at the club where all locals and holiday makers GATHER AND ENJOY THEMSELVES.. WE have LIVE sports.. pool teams, snooker teams, darts teams,.Once a month Bands that come and play and we gather for a good old natter and banter and its a great little place to spend the evening.. . So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that next time u go on holiday go to ALASKA OR SOMEWHERE IN THE ARTIC CIRCLE where you can spend your quiet time and not listen to anybody enjoying themselves. ANYBODY is welcome at the club to play pool join in on on the banter and drink good beers, ales,lagers and ciders we have it all on tap... GO SOMEWHERE ELSE ON YOUR LITTLE ONE WEEK HOLIDAY NEXT TIME and please do not say bad things about a place you have not even experienced.!!!!!
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