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11:20 AM 05-07-2017
Elderly neighbour's experience of having security lamps fitted
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I was very concerned to hear of my elderly neighbour?s treatment by two male employees of G Robertson.

She asked for a quote/breakdown of the cost of installing some external security lamps to her property. Initially, she was advised that it would be 600+GBP, when she queried this, the quote was reduced by 50%.

When she asked one of the employees who visited her property for a paper copy of the quote/breakdown, he made a face, got in his van and drove off without replying. A second employee blamed the receptionist for not sending it out, whilst my neighbour was speaking on the phone to receptionist, who advised her that he should have brought it with him. He suggested that my neighbour was 'losing her marbles'. He was rude and offhand.

The lights should come on and off automatically, but some of them either will not switch on or will not turn off, so she has had to chase them up, on at least two occasions, to complete the job satisfactorily.
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