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4:55 PM 12-06-2017
The New Inn, Hampshire
Not so friendly to culture as its a backwater
Saturday me and few friends was walking past and heard so music to our joy

enjoying the first band which was amazing and in the middle of second band set a women started shouting at the band in very unprofessional way we was thinking small women complex.

we asked why she said no one was buying drinks but you just severed us which then walked off.

i don't think that they know when something is good going as their was three bands playing and the poor third band couldn't play which was upsetting.

She upset a lot off people with her issues she should have done that at end of the night.

she making her pub a cultural backwater and letting herself down and her staff down.

moving forward i think she needs training in people skills etc

don't go their for culture as she does not understand it
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