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10:33 PM 02-01-2017
10:46 PM 02-01-2017
McDonald's, West Midlands
McDonald's Chester road birmingham
Just got me an the family a McDonald's from the McDonald's near the Tyburn house on Chester road birmingham which I have used for over 20 years.My burger had been sitting on there shelf so long the sauce has become rock hard and the bread was like a brick.also all the chips were freezing cold and nuggets rock hard and cold too surely there is a limit on how long food can be stored once cooked.come on really this is McDonald's I wouldn't receive this kind of service from a burger van I am discusted what sort of manager is training these lazy members of staff and allowing family's with kids to be given this food.After returning to McDonald's I have been told the manager is not there and the food is fine.Cant believe the treatment i received on top of the poor service absolutely disgusting.Now I left to buy dinner again from somewhere else.sorry McDonald's I'm not lovin it.
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