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Frequently asked questions

This list of frequently asked questions is still being compiled. If you have any questions that do not appear on the current list, please email us at or by using this web form.

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The Site

What is Where's Best?
Who can use the site?
Is the site free?
Is the site only available in the UK?
How can I contact you guys?
I've got a great idea for the site? What can I do?

Accounts and Registration

Why should I register on the site?
How do I register?
What do you do with my information?
I've forgotten my password! Help!

Ratings and Comments

How do I leave a comment or rating for a business?
Are there any rules about what I can write in a comment or review?
My comment has been removed! What's going on?
Someone's left a negative review of my business! Please remove it from the site.
Can I leave a comment about my own business or a business I am associated with?


How can I add a business to the site?
Why do you only feature a few different business types on the site?
The details you have for a business on the site are incorrect! How can I get the listing updated?
A business listed on your site has closed. How can I get it removed from the site?
I've got a photo of a business that I would like to add to the site. How can I do this?
The new business I suggested / change of details I submitted / image I uploaded isn't showing on the site yet! What's going on?